Anatomical Skull Spats or Gaiters

Skull Spats


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  1. LOVE these! I’d like to feature you and your work on my weekly Steampunk Spotlight. Email me if you’re interested.

  2. Oh, these are lovely! What is the average price for a pair of spats such as these?

    • Hello, thank you so much, about $99.00 depending on the design 🙂

      • How can I pay for this beauty?

      • Sorry these are sold, but I can make you a similar pair. Please let me know if that’s what you would like? plus look at my etsy shop
        Thank you for your interest
        Prof M

    • Sorry I must of missed you comment from a while ago! I have it has still pending?? Sorry about that, yes please list anything you like 🙂 thank you for asking and having an interest in my work

  3. Hello=)Love these!!!!! Is it still possible to get a similar pair??

    • Yes I can make a similar pair for you. I can take photos email them to you and you can buy them from my etsy shop,
      thank you for your interest

      • yes please that would be very nice!!

      • Hello,
        Sorry for the late reply, I will post and list new items on here or my etsy or facebook if that is easier to contact me.!/pages/Professor-Maelstromme/243301422348426
        Thanks for your interest ~ Amanda aka Professor Maelstromme.

      • If I may make a wish on the design so let me just say that I like the design of your skeleton spats more 😉

      • OK, I will keep that in mind when putting together the items I need to make these. Thanks for letting me know

  4. Do you know how much they will cost?=)

    • Hi,thanks for your interest, about $99.00 but I have a few orders to complete first

      • yes okey! i have already talkt to you about them Iam the same Lina as above=) ^^ do you know roughly when they might be ready=)

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