1000 – A Steampunk Collection ~ New Book

written by Dr. Grymm

My work is in this book written by Joey Marsocci whos alter ego is Dr. Grymm from Dr. Grymm Laboratories. He organised an exhibit I was in last year and he creates contraptions and sculptures that have been seen in films, theatre, publications and exhibits.



The Art of Steampunk, Extraordinary Devices and Ingenious Contraptions from the Leading Artists of the Steampunk Movement ~ New Book

by Art Donovan

I am a featured artist in this great new book written by Art Donovan.  He is an artist himself and runs a successful lighting design company.  He organised the first Steampunk art exhibition at the Oxford’s museum of the history of science, Oxford , England.   I have not seen the book,  my copy has not arrived yet due to the volcanic ash cloud flight delays!  so I am looking forward to seeing the other artists featured in it.


Monster Fascinators ~ Hats.



Frankensteam... It's Alive...Alive...