News flash! – Dogs break into the doll house….

While making Doll art (Cannibal Charlottes) today I left the doll box unguarded and the dogs attacked!  When I returned to the scene of the crime I found doll parts everywhere.  I am sure the dogs had good reason, like the dolls were going to kill us while we are sleeping.  Looks like the dogs had great fun – this is the aftermath and me trying to retrieve a doll from one of them…… new items coming soon ….chewed doll part accessories??!!

dog chew accessories?


the aftermath..doll parts everywhere...

finished Cannibal Charlotte hairpiece

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Mad Science Inspired Fascinator – Prefrontal Cortex Interference Cap or Do it yourself Lobotomy.

That trapanning hole just got bigger

The prefrontal cortex interference cap;  Designed to turn your brain OFF!  Ideal for the dance floor or any situation where higher functions are not required or even undesired. Blame it on the hat.
Trust us with your brains; For example tonight you do not wish to determine good or bad and have no desire to worry about the future consequences of current activities -put on the hat.

Warning; recovery may take from 4 minutes to 8 days depending on the wearer’s previous disposition!

Disclaimer;  Dr Dahlburg and this medical facility or any staff connected to the facility cannot be held responsible for any lack of social “control” bought on while wearing the cap and/or the side effects of the lack of ability to suppress urges that, if not suppressed, could lead to socially unacceptable outcomes in the future.

The prefrontal cortex interference cap; MK I

The prefrontal cortex interference cap; MK II

No-one was harmed during this trapanning.

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I am trying Artfire as a site for selling my items. This is one of the first items up for sale on there.  Let me know how the Artfire experience goes.

The Femme Fatale Fascinatrix – Steampunk Inspired Snake Skin Color Hat

What? you cant have crumpets without tea.

How to draw Steampunk….

I am thrilled a piece of my jewellery has been featured in the new book  How to draw Steampunk: Discover the Secrets to Drawing, Painting, and Illustrating the Curious World of Science Fiction in the Victorian Age…. in the Steam Lady chapter.
Bob Berry (Illustrator and Author), Joey Marsocci (Author), Allison DeBlasio (Author)

lace choker ~ The Eye of the Nautilus