Doll Head Fascinator ~ Cannibal Charlottes by Prof Maelstromme.

Cannibal Charlotte Fascinator by Prof Maelstromme

Cannibal Charlotte Fascinator


Freaky doll head fascinators made by Professor Maelstromme called Clockwork Cannibal Charlottes.  Little lost dolls with scary faces created into jewellery and fascinators,  when you buy one and keep it in your bedroom make sure you lock it away at night!

Please read previous posts about Cannibal Charlottes for their full story.




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  1. working on a Steampunk Exhibition in Laguna Beach California for December 2012. Would like to consider your work for the exhibition. Thomas Willeford is considering doing an installation. this would be for an art gallery ( S Cube gallery). Please contact me to discuss further any items you might like to consider and I will email you images of the space.

    thanks so much.

    • Hello, Thank you so much for contacting me. That would be very exciting and I would love to. Please let me know what you need and when by. I am in the Harrisburg, PA for the next six weeks visiting with Thomas W. Please feel free to contact my email or y7ou can call him to contact me too. 717 695 2247

  2. GASP, this absolutely gorgeous and I wish I could wear it 24/7!

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