Steampunk Convention the Asylum continued………………

Professor Maeltromme’s outfit “Steampunk Tomb Raider” for the Asylum Steampunk con fashion show; created by myself and Wyte Phantom clothing and not forgetting Kate Cox for the armour!.

Professor Maelstromme

Professor Maelstromme: She sells amazing stuff on Etsy:       ans she has a facebook page she would like you to like!



Steampunk Fashion Show at the Asylum, UKs leading Steampunk Con

Some photos from the Steampunk Fashion Show which I created the accessories for;

Taxifackery Pheasant Companion Hat

Cecile wearing Taxifackery

Matching outfits

I enjoy getting inspiration from taxidermy but faking it! with my Professor Maelstromme’s Taxifakery Companions! Although I have not found a good substitute for feathers yet the rest of the creatures and their skulls are artificial. This is Cecile and Simon wearing matching outfits and hats!

on the catwalk!/pages/Professor-Maelstromme/243301422348426

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