Second part to Bram Stoker’s Film Festival Fashion Show

Part two; at the Film Festival held on the shores of Whitby; Here are a few more photos taken while spending a brilliant weekend watching horror movies and being entertained by brilliant dancers, bands, circus acts and music.

The fashion show was great fun and I made lots of new friends – One of them is Lisa!/ladylushlisa The following photos are of her and you can read her story here:

~ Lady Lush Lisa ~

~ Lady Lush Lisa ~

Image: Jon Tzm Dea

Bram Stoker Fashion Show

Bram Stoker Fashion Show

Image: Rob Taylor.  We wanted to keep a theme of Autumn, Halloween and Horror – so this is our Autumn outfit.

Image: Les Auld

Image: Les Auld

Headdress: Professor Maelstromme
Clothing: Wyte Phantom!/pages/Wyte-Phantom/119904928081954?fref=ts
Model: Lisa Eagleton!/ladylushlisa?fref=ts
Image: Rob Taylor


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  1. Amazing pics! I love Whitby and don’t live too far away.

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