Spats that look great with high heel shoes.

I designed another type of spat shape, that flatter the ankle for my niece to wear with her high heel shoes.  I loved the shape so much that I made a pair for myself too in leather and spikes.

Oriental fabric fashion spats

Leather and spike fashion spats

Leather fringe fashion spat

These are great fun to make and I will be listing some more designs on my shop soon.

Link to the shop:


Marie Antoinette Short Spats – Eat the freaking cake collection.

Marie Antoinette short spats – Eat the freaking cake collection.
Gorgeous gold/blue shot silk fabric with gold and cream lace and trims.  Blue feathers, gems, buttons and brass buckle.

Queen of France short spats

Handmade in Winchester, the ancient capital of Wessex and the Kingdom of England. Winchester is a unique heritage city just an hour south west of London, with a magnificent historic Cathedral, surrounded by fabulous rolling countryside and pretty Hampshire villages.
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Dolly Spats Photo shoot

Dolly Spats!


Phasianus Spaticus ~ Doll head spats.

Phasianus Spaticus ~ Doll head spats/gaiters.
These fine specimens have been obviously stuffed!
“Single handedly hunted to near extiction by Layla”. 

I Love, Love, Love making Spats.

Short Spats / Gaiters

Anatomical Skull Spats or Gaiters

Skull Spats

Skeleton Spats ~


Early Era Lady Pilot

I have started making spats for myself to wear and now can’t stop making them!


Marie Antoinette 18th Century Portrait Spats


Steampunk Inspired Spats

I am making spats in all colours and longer lengths too.