Telescopes and Binoculars ~ I see no Airships!

Mini telescopes and mini tophats

Airships? .... Where?

Telescope mini tophats and binocular necklace.  I love using these small opera glasses in my jewellery.  I love the worn appearence of these.


Steampunk Adventurer’s Club Necklace.

Steampunk Adventurer's Club Necklace

I love these old dented and distressed binoculars.  I did’nt have the heart to dimantle them, so I put them into a necklace as they are.  I am waiting to replace the bolts and add more chains when I find the items I am looking for.

Night at the Opera, Steampunk inspired Necklace.

Old binocular eyepiece necklace

I love this necklace and it looks great with my Steampunk Victorian dresses aswell as my military uniform.