Aviatrix Fascinator by Prof Maelstromme

Aviatrix fascinator

Aviatrix fascinator

I have been trying to fit making this fascinator into my making schedule for a couple of years. It has been shelved for many other projects and I finally got round to finishing it!  It is based on a flying helmet,  and I have incorporated vintage parts from a flying helmet and aviator goggles. Recycling or upcycling the artifacts, well it has saved them from the landfill.

The original idea was created to match and be worn with this wonderful flying jacket corset which was made for the Asylum Steampunk fashion show.

Flying jacket corset

Flying jacket corset


Flying helmet – Aviatrix fascinator by Professor Maelstromme



Flying jacket corset by Jenny G at Wyte Phantom. Please check her out she makes the most amazing items.



1000 – A Steampunk Collection ~ New Book

written by Dr. Grymm

My work is in this book written by Joey Marsocci whos alter ego is Dr. Grymm from Dr. Grymm Laboratories. He organised an exhibit I was in last year and he creates contraptions and sculptures that have been seen in films, theatre, publications and exhibits.


Telescopes and Binoculars ~ I see no Airships!

Mini telescopes and mini tophats

Airships? .... Where?

Telescope mini tophats and binocular necklace.  I love using these small opera glasses in my jewellery.  I love the worn appearence of these.

Early Era Lady Automobile Driver Lace Choker

 Model:Layla, Clothing: Layla, Choker: Professor Maelstromme

Steampunk Adventurer’s Club Necklace.

Steampunk Adventurer's Club Necklace

I love these old dented and distressed binoculars.  I did’nt have the heart to dimantle them, so I put them into a necklace as they are.  I am waiting to replace the bolts and add more chains when I find the items I am looking for.

Old Camera Lens Monocle

black and burgundy leather eyepatch with camera lens

Diesel Punk or Steampunk Monocle

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