Professor Maelstromme’s Taxifackery Companion Mini Top Hats and Fascinators.

Always fascinated by skulls I have created a range of mini top hats and fascinators using faux cat and crow skulls.  As we loved them to death, and beyond; Not texidermy; Professor Maelstromme’s taxifackery.  The structure that remains after life, is still beautiful (faux or not).

Faux crow skull cream color mini top hat

Faux cat skull fascinator on faux snake skin

Faux crow skull copper color mini top hat

For sale on etsy, which will soon be accepting payment with credit cards as well as paypal.


Halloween Fascinatrix

Creepy Halloween Fascinator

Model: Zarah

Chubby Doll Legs Mini Top Hat with barb Wire Trim.

Is this a Cherub Hunter's Hat?

I enjoy the humour of using doll parts and broken dolls in my art.