Two New Cut Throat Razor Necklaces

Due to a great amount of interest in my cut throat razor necklaces I have made two more and here they are.  Thank you for your interest in these.

Made from disassembled vintage straight razors and adorned with little artifacts telling a story.  Don’t cut your own throat on the dance floor!

Bloodthirsty Cut Throat Razor Necklace

1888 Catch Me If You Can Cut Throat Razor Necklace

Cas from Engineers of Desire

Model; Cas wearing the cut throat razor I made for her. Leather corset and clothingmade by Engineers of

DISCLAIMER; I have done my best to blunt the razor and protect your delicate necks from the blade using resin but take care when you wear this it is a real blunted blade. I take no responsibility for cut throats on the dance floor!

Handmade in Winchester, the ancient capital of Wessex and the Kingdom of England. Winchester is a unique heritage city just an hour south west of London, with a magnificent historic Cathedral, surrounded by fabulous rolling countryside and pretty Hampshire villages.

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I have started selling on

I am trying Artfire as a site for selling my items. This is one of the first items up for sale on there.  Let me know how the Artfire experience goes.

The Femme Fatale Fascinatrix – Steampunk Inspired Snake Skin Color Hat

What? you cant have crumpets without tea.

Update of the Hamstead Heath Photo shoot for Superstitchious and Professor Maelstrommes accessories.

Zarah from Superstitchious asked me to join her on a clothing and accessory photo shoot at a wonderful location on Hamstead heath, London. Here are a few photos from that shoot.

Doll Fascinator by Prof Maelstromme

Undead deer skull fascinator by Prof Maelstromme

Mad Science undead bird skull fascinator and spats by

Photography by freelance writer and Photographer at Devolution Magzine Jo Blackened.

Models; the gorgeous Leanne James, Zarah Snowqueen, Professor Maelstromme.

Clothing by  Superstitchious and accessories by

Great location for photo shoot on Hamstead heath, london.

Last weekend Superstitchious asked me to join her on a clothing and accessory photo shoot at a wonderful location on Hamstead heath; a secret garden with pergolas and with locations featured in one of  Cradle of filth music videos (link below).

dressing models for shoot

behind the scenes at the photo shoot

Asylum Steampunk Convivial

Trading in a Victorian prison cell at the Asylum Steampunk Convivial, UK’s leading Steampunk event, Lincoln 2011. . Great to meet and chat to everyone, thank you for dropping in and saying Hello.

My cell at the Asylum ~ Steampunk festival

trading in the Victorian prison

stall in the Victorian prison

1000 – A Steampunk Collection ~ New Book

written by Dr. Grymm

My work is in this book written by Joey Marsocci whos alter ego is Dr. Grymm from Dr. Grymm Laboratories. He organised an exhibit I was in last year and he creates contraptions and sculptures that have been seen in films, theatre, publications and exhibits.

Telescopes and Binoculars ~ I see no Airships!

Mini telescopes and mini tophats

Airships? .... Where?

Telescope mini tophats and binocular necklace.  I love using these small opera glasses in my jewellery.  I love the worn appearence of these.

“for Queen and Country”

“for Queen and Country” Headwear collection. The Airship Wreckless III has crashed landed and as a tribute I have adorned these fine fascinators with artefacts and the actual battle and weather torn British flag from her. 

“for Queen and Country”

God save the Queen.....

I distressed the fabric, patina/rusted the pins and added artefacts and military buttons to these fascinators.  Each one is unique.

Cannibal Charlotte Doll Fascinator

Creepy Charlotte Cannibal Doll Fascinator

Steampunk Time Traveller’s Pocketwatch Bow Brooches