Mad Tea Party Fascinators ~

While clearing out my mums attic I found a wonderful childs doll small china tea set. My mum gave me a bottle of Pimms for doing it! so after a couple of glasses I made the teacups and saucers into hats.  I immediately went out searching all of the local antique shops for more, the mismatched the better.  I have added artificial flowers, hair net, hat pins, spoons, vintage odd earrings and even a spider!

Pretty china small teacup and saucer fascinators

Tea Party Fascinator

Tea Party Fascinator


Pretty Teacup and Saucer hat!!/pages/Professor-Maelstromme/243301422348426






Doll Head Fascinator ~ Cannibal Charlottes by Prof Maelstromme.

Cannibal Charlotte Fascinator by Prof Maelstromme

Cannibal Charlotte Fascinator


Freaky doll head fascinators made by Professor Maelstromme called Clockwork Cannibal Charlottes.  Little lost dolls with scary faces created into jewellery and fascinators,  when you buy one and keep it in your bedroom make sure you lock it away at night!

Please read previous posts about Cannibal Charlottes for their full story.



Lots of new Doll Head items for sale on my etsy.

I have listed new doll head items on my etsy ~ selling fast so please take a look quick. Thank you and Happy New Year.


Hand that rocks the cradle fascinator hairpiece

Fairy Teeth Doll

Cannibal Charlotte Doll Fascinator

Creepy Charlotte Cannibal Doll Fascinator

Phasianus Spaticus ~ Doll head spats.

Phasianus Spaticus ~ Doll head spats/gaiters.
These fine specimens have been obviously stuffed!
“Single handedly hunted to near extiction by Layla”. 

Creepy Clockwork Cannibal Charlotte Mini Top Hat

Creepy Doll Parts Mini Top Hat, with altered doll face.

Cannibal Charlotte Mini Top Hat

Gothic or Lolita Mini Top Hat

“My nemesis Dr. Dahlburg during the dead of night has sent one of her retched clockwork cannibal agents to kill me, but I have an old cat that sleeps with one eye open and she alerted me to the deadly clockwork intruder.  I destroyed the as sin and incorporated it into my very best Sunday hat! So Dr, Dahlburg would see she has missed me again!”

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