More beautiful swan head pieces I have made, ideal for the Gala Nocturna ball or any other ball you can think of!


I love this swan head wear with red crystal eyes and a red beak. My favorite!


This swan fascinator is gorgeous in black and gold. I am limiting how many I make now so these may be the last few. Find them in my etsy store Professor Maelstromme.

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Gala Nocturna Ball 2015 – The Swan Princess.

The theme for Gala Nocturna ball 2015 has been announced!
Incredibly great minds think alike (and so does mine) I have recently been inspired by the swans on the lake at the local park where I run and have created these swan headdresses and hats. It turns out they are perfect for the theme of Swan Princess.

Three variations of this swan hat / fascinator are available at present. One in black color, one in white or ivory and one in deep burgundy color with black feathers.
Each has a little crown on its head and all are decorated with lace and trims with wings of feathers.



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Gala Nocturna Ball, Antwerp.

Gala Nocturna

Fake monkey skull and red feather shoulder piece with matching rose and feather button hole by Professor Maelstromme on Etsy.

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La Belle et la Bete ~ Gala Nocturna 2014

Meeting the Beast at the ball

Meeting the Beast at the ball

A wonderful evening spent at the Gala Nocturna ball with the theme Beauty and the Beast, held in Antwerp and this year the evenings venue was the Antwerp Zoo. A brilliant ball room, majestic stair case and winter garden. I hope they hold another one next year and I can’t wait to hear the theme and venue.
Ready for the Gala Nocturna ball

Ready for the Gala Nocturna ball

All these beautiful and colorful outfits show why I love making clothing, accessories and headwear.

The Devil wears a shoulder piece made by Professor Maelstromme

The Devil wears a shoulder piece made by Professor Maelstromme

In the grounds of the Zoo.

Faux monkey skull and feather shoulder piece by

Photography by SoulStealer Photography.