More beautiful swan head pieces I have made, ideal for the Gala Nocturna ball or any other ball you can think of!


I love this swan head wear with red crystal eyes and a red beak. My favorite!


This swan fascinator is gorgeous in black and gold. I am limiting how many I make now so these may be the last few. Find them in my etsy store Professor Maelstromme.

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“for Queen and Country”

“for Queen and Country” Headwear collection. The Airship Wreckless III has crashed landed and as a tribute I have adorned these fine fascinators with artefacts and the actual battle and weather torn British flag from her. 

“for Queen and Country”

God save the Queen.....

I distressed the fabric, patina/rusted the pins and added artefacts and military buttons to these fascinators.  Each one is unique.