Fantasy Leather Crowns

I was honored to be asked by Brute Force Studios to make a matching leather crown to their leather fantasy costume made for  Westcotts products  booth at the Photoshop World Expo, DC.  I also enjoyed giving a helping hand with the sewing, spraying and riveting of the leather outfit designed by Thomas Willeford.

Outfit the model is wearing is custom made for Westcott Lighting, Shot and edited by Ivan Delgado  Fantasy model: Sarah Hunter, Fantasy crown: Amanda Scrivener AKA Professor Maelstromme, Leather Armour and outfit: Brute force Studios, Thomas Willeford and help in fabrication Amanda Scrivener AKA Professor Maelstromme.

Fantasy leather crown

Fantasy Model: Sarah Hunter
Fantasy crown: Professor Maelstromme
Photo by Tim Rohman (Jarhead Photography)    using Westcott products

Hand sculpted leather and airbrushed with color. Riveted together with sparkly gem rivets and held in place by a comfortable leather/elastic strap.


Steampunk Wild Wild West Bullet Garters.

I found this cool old tan leather holster, just the right size for a lipstick, a mobile phone and a purse. I put it together with a bullet garter belt, one for each leg and some bullet conchos.

Below are a pair of  Steampunk western style bullet garter belts I made.  Adorned with lace, bullet casings and bullet conchos.

Spats that look great with high heel shoes.

I designed another type of spat shape, that flatter the ankle for my niece to wear with her high heel shoes.  I loved the shape so much that I made a pair for myself too in leather and spikes.

Oriental fabric fashion spats

Leather and spike fashion spats

Leather fringe fashion spat

These are great fun to make and I will be listing some more designs on my shop soon.

Link to the shop:

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Themed Leather Swiss Waist.

In the eye of the Maelstromme

I am creating a new range of Victorian style Swiss waists / belts in both leather and fabrics.  This is the first one I have made in leather; themed 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea for Steamcon III, Seattle, with the classic Kraken attacking a ship image and part of chapter 18 of Jules Verne’s book etched onto the leather belt.

putting together parts of the belt.

available on