Professor Maelstromme’s Taxifackery Companion Mini Top Hats and Fascinators.

Always fascinated by skulls I have created a range of mini top hats and fascinators using faux cat and crow skulls.  As we loved them to death, and beyond; Not texidermy; Professor Maelstromme’s taxifackery.  The structure that remains after life, is still beautiful (faux or not).

Faux crow skull cream color mini top hat

Faux cat skull fascinator on faux snake skin

Faux crow skull copper color mini top hat

For sale on etsy, which will soon be accepting payment with credit cards as well as paypal.


Asylum Steampunk Convivial

Trading in a Victorian prison cell at the Asylum Steampunk Convivial, UK’s leading Steampunk event, Lincoln 2011. . Great to meet and chat to everyone, thank you for dropping in and saying Hello.

My cell at the Asylum ~ Steampunk festival

trading in the Victorian prison

stall in the Victorian prison

Marie Antoinette and Time Bandits ~ Ship Fascinators

Ghost Galleon Fascinator

Gothic Pirate Galleon Fascinator

Ghost Ship Fascinator

I could’nt help but to be inspired by Marie Antoinettes fashion  and give it a twist with Time Bandits – the next couple I make will be ideal for men to wear too  🙂

Telescopes and Binoculars ~ I see no Airships!

Mini telescopes and mini tophats

Airships? .... Where?

Telescope mini tophats and binocular necklace.  I love using these small opera glasses in my jewellery.  I love the worn appearence of these.

“for Queen and Country”

“for Queen and Country” Headwear collection. The Airship Wreckless III has crashed landed and as a tribute I have adorned these fine fascinators with artefacts and the actual battle and weather torn British flag from her. 

“for Queen and Country”

God save the Queen.....

I distressed the fabric, patina/rusted the pins and added artefacts and military buttons to these fascinators.  Each one is unique.

Cannibal Charlotte Doll Fascinator

Creepy Charlotte Cannibal Doll Fascinator

Steampunk Army Cyclist Corp’s Fascinator & Gatling Gun Fascinator

First I gave you Steampunk inspired Tweed Fascinators….. NOW I give you leather and bullet shell fascinators……

Prof Maelstromme was commissioned by the military to design a leather fascinator for the Ladies of the Army Cyclist Corp's......

Skeleton Fairy Mini Top Hat

I added a lace applique for the fairy’s wings.

Steampunk Inspired Gray Mini Top Hat

Mad Steam

Steampink! Mini Top Hat.


Side view of feathers

I ordered a hat base thinking it was a brown/cream and received this antique pink color.  I took it as a challenge and decorated it!  Beware of that spider in the flower.