Human bones rain down at Whitby after church yard land slide.

Some more photos from the Bram Stoker International Film Festival fashion show 2012 taken at Whitby, UK. the celebrated town of Dracula and wonderful for all followers of goth.  Whitby has recently been in the news for its terrible land slides in the graveyard where reportedly “human bones were raining  down” on to the cottages and gardens below. A very sad scene for such a historic and beautifully situated Church. Link to the story on the BBC below.

Whitby church yard land slide.

Whitby church yard land slide.

Introducing model: Terri De-Lis Altilar at the fashion show, wearing human jaw bone, skull mini top hat, rib cage corset and sheer black fish tail skirt. I promise no bones were used from Whitby’s church yard.

Skeleton Outfit - image by Jon Tzm Dea

Skeleton Outfit – image by Jon Tzm Dea

Bram Stoker fashion show

Bram Stoker fashion show

Accessories: Professor Maelstromme!/pages/Professor-Maelstromme/243301422348426

Clothing: Wyte Phantom
Model: Terri De-Lis Altilar
Image: Jon Tzm Dea



Two New Cut Throat Razor Necklaces

Due to a great amount of interest in my cut throat razor necklaces I have made two more and here they are.  Thank you for your interest in these.

Made from disassembled vintage straight razors and adorned with little artifacts telling a story.  Don’t cut your own throat on the dance floor!

Bloodthirsty Cut Throat Razor Necklace

1888 Catch Me If You Can Cut Throat Razor Necklace

Cas from Engineers of Desire

Model; Cas wearing the cut throat razor I made for her. Leather corset and clothingmade by Engineers of

DISCLAIMER; I have done my best to blunt the razor and protect your delicate necks from the blade using resin but take care when you wear this it is a real blunted blade. I take no responsibility for cut throats on the dance floor!

Handmade in Winchester, the ancient capital of Wessex and the Kingdom of England. Winchester is a unique heritage city just an hour south west of London, with a magnificent historic Cathedral, surrounded by fabulous rolling countryside and pretty Hampshire villages.

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How to draw Steampunk….

I am thrilled a piece of my jewellery has been featured in the new book  How to draw Steampunk: Discover the Secrets to Drawing, Painting, and Illustrating the Curious World of Science Fiction in the Victorian Age…. in the Steam Lady chapter.
Bob Berry (Illustrator and Author), Joey Marsocci (Author), Allison DeBlasio (Author)

lace choker ~ The Eye of the Nautilus

Votes for Women ~ Suffragette brooches and chokers.

During the early 20th century the Women’s Social and Political Union in England sold similar portraits of Emmeline Pankhurst to raise funds for their political movement. They wanted to be involved in the running of the country and they wanted to be treated as equals to men.

These pieces of Jewellery are created as a one off to celebrate Votes for Women and the suffrage movements. Wear with pride.

I have added ribbons, small antique buttons and beads   –  From 1908 the WSPU adopted the colour scheme of purple, white and green: purple symbolised dignity, white purity, and green hope. These three colours were used for banners, flags, rosettes and badges.  It is a popular myth that the colours were green, white and violet, in order to spell GWV as an acronym for ‘Give Women Votes’

A selection of my handmade Suffragette Jewellery

Handmade brooch

Sweeney Doll

Cream Lace Cut Throat Razor Choker

Red and Black Demon Barber Cut Throat Razor Choker


Photo: Dark Romantics Photography,   Model: DeadlyDoll

Cut Throat Razor Lace Choker~ Love Lies Bleeding… on the dance floor

Another one of my straight razor or cut throat razor necklaces.  This time on a deep red and black lace choker.

Slightly dangerous jewellery…..dont cut your own throat on the dance floor.

Dangerous and Alluring

Telescopes and Binoculars ~ I see no Airships!

Mini telescopes and mini tophats

Airships? .... Where?

Telescope mini tophats and binocular necklace.  I love using these small opera glasses in my jewellery.  I love the worn appearence of these.

The Flutter Of Bloody Wings.

Ruby red heart necklace ~ The flutter of bloody wings.

I don’t often make earrings, as I am fussy with the design of my own ones I wear, but I just loved these smaller luxury glass bead hearts and wanted to make something with them.  They are hand blown “one offs” and are organic and individually shaped.  This is a range of earings….  The Flutter of Bloody Hearts….

The flutter of bloody hearts...

...fluttering bloody hearts....

Early Era Lady Automobile Driver Lace Choker

 Model:Layla, Clothing: Layla, Choker: Professor Maelstromme


Marie Antoinette 18th Century Portrait Spats


Steampunk Inspired Spats

I am making spats in all colours and longer lengths too.