Aviatrix Fascinator by Prof Maelstromme

Aviatrix fascinator

Aviatrix fascinator

I have been trying to fit making this fascinator into my making schedule for a couple of years. It has been shelved for many other projects and I finally got round to finishing it!  It is based on a flying helmet,  and I have incorporated vintage parts from a flying helmet and aviator goggles. Recycling or upcycling the artifacts, well it has saved them from the landfill.

The original idea was created to match and be worn with this wonderful flying jacket corset which was made for the Asylum Steampunk fashion show.

Flying jacket corset

Flying jacket corset


Flying helmet – Aviatrix fascinator by Professor Maelstromme



Flying jacket corset by Jenny G at Wyte Phantom. Please check her out she makes the most amazing items.



Steampunk Convention the Asylum continued………………

Professor Maeltromme’s outfit “Steampunk Tomb Raider” for the Asylum Steampunk con fashion show; created by myself and Wyte Phantom clothing and not forgetting Kate Cox for the armour!.


Professor Maelstromme

Professor Maelstromme: She sells amazing stuff on Etsy: ProfMaelstromme.etsy.com       ans she has a facebook page she would like you to like!


Gothic Skeleton Ship Fascinators

These are a new variation of my well known Ghost Ship and Gothic Galleon Fascinators.  I have added Skelletons and Skulls!

Gothic Pirate Ship Fascinators

Gothic Pirate Ship Fascinators

Gothic Pirate Ship Fascinators




Winchester celebrating the royal jubilee.

Winchester, UK,  the ancient capital is celebrating the Queen’s Diamond jubilee by hanging out the bunting in the high street. What an amazing sight, there is so much bunting hanging off of every building.

Jubilee bunting in Winchester High st.

Winchester UK High st

the Buttercross, Winchester.

Bunting in Winchester High st.

During the summer I work for a bat consultancy company.

During the summer I work for a bat consultancy company surveying buildings for evidence of bats. Bats in the UK are an endangered species. I have not been able to make, create or sew anything this week as I attended a bat fieldwork course at Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire, UK.  I had a brilliant time exploring the abbey, looking for, recording and finding bats! Mostly Lesser and Greater Horseshoe bats. Pipistrelle bats really do emerge from the mouth of a gargolye high up on the tower, how gothic is that? 🙂

View from tower

Lacock abbey, Wiltshire

I have an exhibit at the MAD (Mechanical Art & Design) Museum

Professor Maelstromme is exhibiting exquisite items at this new Museum which opens to the public in March, located in Stratford-upon-Avon, the hometown of Shakespeare, UK

The MAD museum is a wonderful and exciting collection of machines incorporating gears, chains, pulleys and whirligig paraphernalia. The exhibits fall into three areas:

  • Kinetic Art = art in motion
  • Automata = interesting mechanical contraptions
  • Steampunk = modern gizmos with a Victorian twist




Prof Maelstromme makes new friends.

Whitby Goth Weekend 2012

I have booked Whitby Goth weekend on 26th to 30th April 2012 and will have a stall selling there.  It is a gothic music festival in the gorgeous little fishing town of Whitby, North Yorkshire with perhaps more focus on socialising, enjoying the beautiful village and shopping for gothic clothes and items. The goths invade for two brilliant weekends a year, April and October and enjoy the Abbey ruins pictured below. Whitby is a place that is part of the storyline in the book Dracula by Bram Stoker published year 1897.


Whitby Abbey ruins and beautiful coast view.


Standing on Whitby's cobbled streets

The Captain and I

Lots of new Doll Head items for sale on my etsy.


I have listed new doll head items on my etsy ~ selling fast so please take a look quick. Thank you and Happy New Year.


Hand that rocks the cradle fascinator hairpiece

Fairy Teeth Doll

Mad Science Inspired Fascinator – Prefrontal Cortex Interference Cap or Do it yourself Lobotomy.

That trapanning hole just got bigger

The prefrontal cortex interference cap;  Designed to turn your brain OFF!  Ideal for the dance floor or any situation where higher functions are not required or even undesired. Blame it on the hat.
Trust us with your brains; For example tonight you do not wish to determine good or bad and have no desire to worry about the future consequences of current activities -put on the hat.

Warning; recovery may take from 4 minutes to 8 days depending on the wearer’s previous disposition!

Disclaimer;  Dr Dahlburg and this medical facility or any staff connected to the facility cannot be held responsible for any lack of social “control” bought on while wearing the cap and/or the side effects of the lack of ability to suppress urges that, if not suppressed, could lead to socially unacceptable outcomes in the future.

The prefrontal cortex interference cap; MK I

The prefrontal cortex interference cap; MK II

No-one was harmed during this trapanning.

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Professor Maelstromme is mentioned by GEEKDAD

I am very excited GEEKDAD mentioned my name and I really do exist!

Worth checking out is a new book create your own Steampunk Gear, Gadgets and Gizmos written by Thomas Willeford of Brute Force Studios – it  had a great review on Wired.com by GEEKDAD.   GEEKDAD brings to our attention Professor Maelstromme as one of the friends and charachters who inspired Thomas in writing his book and creating his art in Dramatis Personae, Appendix B .   GEEKDAD said ” Each project chapter has a fun little one-page fictional story, and you can tell Thomas has had some fun with many of his fictional characters — Professor Isadora Maelstromme, ”   Hello! 🙂