Making Hats.


I felt sorry for this poor vintage creature when I found him at the London Dungeon car boot sale. Yes! they really did have a stall selling all their Jack the Ripper tour stuff and booty when they moved location in London. I curled the vintage creature round the brim of a brown tweed hat with a few other curios and artifacts.

Vintage companion hat.

Vintage companion hat.


Two New Cut Throat Razor Necklaces

Due to a great amount of interest in my cut throat razor necklaces I have made two more and here they are.  Thank you for your interest in these.

Made from disassembled vintage straight razors and adorned with little artifacts telling a story.  Don’t cut your own throat on the dance floor!

Bloodthirsty Cut Throat Razor Necklace

1888 Catch Me If You Can Cut Throat Razor Necklace

Cas from Engineers of Desire

Model; Cas wearing the cut throat razor I made for her. Leather corset and clothingmade by Engineers of

DISCLAIMER; I have done my best to blunt the razor and protect your delicate necks from the blade using resin but take care when you wear this it is a real blunted blade. I take no responsibility for cut throats on the dance floor!

Handmade in Winchester, the ancient capital of Wessex and the Kingdom of England. Winchester is a unique heritage city just an hour south west of London, with a magnificent historic Cathedral, surrounded by fabulous rolling countryside and pretty Hampshire villages.

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Professor Maelstromme in her cell at the Asylum Steampunk Convivial.

We traded from cells in a Victorian prison at Lincoln.  What a really cool venue and the atmosphere was great. I want the haunted cell next year.

Trading from our cell in the Victorian Prison

Professor Maelstromme at the Asylum Steampunk Convivial.

Professor Maelstromme

On the cobbled streets of Lincoln for the Asylum Steampunk Convivial 2011, UK’s leading Steampunk event.

Sweeney Doll

Cream Lace Cut Throat Razor Choker

Red and Black Demon Barber Cut Throat Razor Choker


Photo: Dark Romantics Photography,   Model: DeadlyDoll

Cut Throat Razor Lace Choker~ Love Lies Bleeding… on the dance floor

Another one of my straight razor or cut throat razor necklaces.  This time on a deep red and black lace choker.

Slightly dangerous jewellery…..dont cut your own throat on the dance floor.

Dangerous and Alluring

Love Lies Bleeding…. a continuation of my Cut Throat Razor Necklaces.

Cut Throat Razor Neclace with blood red Swarvoski Crystal drops.

Not just for Sweeney Todd lovers!  Steampunks and Goths will find this ideal to complete their outfits.