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Prof Mealstromme

My Shop;   http://www.ProfMaelstromme.etsy.com

I enjoy making one of kind wearable pieces of art.  I am a metal smith, a leather worker and a found object artist influenced by rust, patinas, Victoriana, old museums, gothic and curiosities.

Amanda  is well known clothing and jewellery designer whose work defies easy definition. After attending two art colleges to study textiles, jewellery design and jewellery production, Amanda’s work became inspired by the shadowy side of Victorian England. As her creator persona, Professor Maelstromme, she crafts items in her laboratory which will bring to mind romance by gaslight, arcane science, the steam age, carnival sideshow curios and aged materials from the tombs of Victorian England. All in all the professors curiosities have been hailed as imaginative oddities epitomizing the rich landscape of steampunk design.



Old Brass Syringe

Old Brass Syringe

At the time of publication, Amanda and her designs have been featured on television (BBC and MTV), widely featured online and in print: Art Donovan’s The Art of Steampunk, 1000 A Steampunk Collection by Dr Grymm, How to Draw Steampunk by Joey Marsocci (Author), in Amazon’s number one “Steampunk How To”  book, Thomas Willeford’s “Steampunk Gear, Gadgets, and Gizmos: a makers guide to creating modern artifacts. Her art work has been featured in numerous museums, fashion shows and art exhibits worldwide, including The Ashmolean Museum of the History of Science, the university of Oxford, UK,  Dr Grymm’s “Steampunk Bizarre” at the Artspace Hartford Connecticut, an exhibition at The Yard in her hometown of Winchester, an exhibit as part of the National Science and Engineering week at the Glasgow Science Centre, the Mad (Mechanical, art and design) Museum, Stratford upon Avon, UK.

I am a guest artist designing and creating occasionally with the company bruteforce and Thomas Willeford.

I never forget my Gothic roots

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  1. My dear Professor Maelstromme

    I stumbled upon your work somewhat like a canyon in the dark and have simply fallen into it’s charm. I fined it all to be fantastically imaginative, amusingly wonderful and simply wish to see more. You may feel free too bekon my thoughts at your whim.


  2. Mon Dieu! I Love It! I was looking for steampunk jewellry on google and fell upon this vanderfull site! Do you sell your art? or do you do any tutorials on how to make these extraordinary, out of the ordinary incredible pieces of craftmanships? (not that any type of art can ever be duplicated)

    • Thank you very much, I sell on the etsy site ProfMaelstromme.etsy.com

  3. hi there, i have been looking for you since i bought a pair of your spats at whitby last year! I know you don’t duplicate but i’ve fallen in love with the marie antoinette ankle spats do you still have them or any chance you could do a similar pair because they’re exactly what I want to get marrid in next year, please get in touch! kat x

    • Hi Kat,
      Funny thing! I have just found three new prints of Marie Antoinette that I am looking forward to using. And making them for a wedding sounds great.
      What colours? The prints would go good with gold, deep burgundy and so on……..
      What length? the short or higher?
      I can cut them to fit better on a high heel?
      I can make them for you and send a photo to you to make sure they are what you want.
      Sorry I have been so hard to find, I am on face book too, under my name Amanda Scrivener.
      Thank you

  4. Hello, I wonder what the policy of wholesale. And if you have service to Spain. Thank you.

    • Yes! I would love to do wholesale, what items are you interested in?
      regards Prof M

  5. I like any kind of product steampunk style, shoes, clothes, accessories, everything. Thank you.

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