Steampink! Mini Top Hat.


Side view of feathers

I ordered a hat base thinking it was a brown/cream and received this antique pink color.  I took it as a challenge and decorated it!  Beware of that spider in the flower.


Steampunk Adventurer’s Club Necklace.

Steampunk Adventurer's Club Necklace

I love these old dented and distressed binoculars.  I did’nt have the heart to dimantle them, so I put them into a necklace as they are.  I am waiting to replace the bolts and add more chains when I find the items I am looking for.

Professor Maelstromme Exhibiting at the Steampunk Bizarre, The Experiment.

Steampunk Exhibition

Dr. Grymm has invited me to exhibit at the Steampunk Bizarre, The Experiment.

Night at the Opera, Steampunk inspired Necklace.

Old binocular eyepiece necklace

I love this necklace and it looks great with my Steampunk Victorian dresses aswell as my military uniform.

Watch Chains Steampunk Inspired Necklace.

Watch chains

Designed to be worn close to the neck like a choker, but I have added extra chain so it can be worn at a longer length.  Very old pocket watch and loads of chains.

Skeleton and Calla Lily Mini Top Hat.

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Steampunk Style Gold Mini Top Hat.

Gorgeous Gold Mini Top Hat

This gold mini top hat caught my attention and I just had to decorate it with feathers and a collection of artifacts.