Steampunk at the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford.

Professor Maelstromme and Lord Featherstone exhibiting at Oxford in the first Steampunk exhibition.

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Steampunk Medals and hat badges

Steampunk Medals and hat badges/pins.

I had fun turning my hand to some Steampunk medals, hat pins and jacket badges.  Combining old and new unusual components.

Maelstomme’s Pith helmet badge, Death before Duty Drunken Airship Pirate badge,  Airship Mechanic Guild pin and Steampunk Glory Pin.

Mini Top Hats

Mini top hats ideal for Burlesque, or just dressing up!

Professor Maelstromme’s black stag beetle Steampunk necklace.

Black Stag Beetle Dissection Necklace

Professor Maelstromme makes extraordinary Steampunk Art for extraordinary people to wear.

Professor Maelstromme’s green Chafer beetle Steampunk necklace.


Professor Maelstromme’s Steampunk brown stag beetle necklace.

"She cut off their wings and used them for her science"