Swan hats and headdresses.

These are just a few swan hats that I have created a have a few more in the making which are a different shape and I look forward to posting photos of them when they are finished. I absolutely adore making these. So much fun.

white swan headdress

white swan headdress



Look up Professor Maelstromme on Facebook. I have a makers page.


Fake Taxidermy Black Bird Gothic Hat.

I love making fake taxidermy pieces or as I like to call it taxifakery. It brings to mind Victorian science collections of birds and insects. Plus surely that is the whole point of Steampunk too, that the taxidermy is fake and Frankenstein-ed.

This is a cute Gothic perch hat which will look great perched on top of any hair do.

Gothic Bird

Dead little bird!

Dead little bird!



Cut Throat Razor Lace Choker~ Love Lies Bleeding… on the dance floor

Another one of my straight razor or cut throat razor necklaces.  This time on a deep red and black lace choker.

Slightly dangerous jewellery…..dont cut your own throat on the dance floor.

Dangerous and Alluring

Halloween Fascinatrix

Creepy Halloween Fascinator

Model: Zarah

Skeleton Fairy Mini Top Hat

I added a lace applique for the fairy’s wings.

I Love, Love, Love making Spats.

Short Spats / Gaiters

Anatomical Skull Spats or Gaiters

Skull Spats

Night at the Opera, Steampunk inspired Necklace.

Old binocular eyepiece necklace

I love this necklace and it looks great with my Steampunk Victorian dresses aswell as my military uniform.